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Unrivaled Representation for Environmental, Zoning and

Land Use Matters

Environmental Law Cases In Missouri and Illinois

Environmental law matters require a complete knowledge of state and federal environmental laws, as well as experience dealing with the regulatory agencies which oversee them. The firm has extensive experience representing a diverse range of parties involved in Missouri, Illinois and federal environmental law matters.  

The firm's clients range from large corporations to local governments, municipalities, small businesses and individuals. Additionally, other attorneys and law firms that do not typically handle environmental law matters, as well as out-of-state lawyers with environmental law cases in Missouri and Southern Illinois, often seek the firm's advice and counsel on challenging cases.

Environmental Issues include:

Property damage
Regulatory enforcement
Land use
Water quality
Real estate transactions
Property development
Purchase and sale of contaminated properties
Environmental compliance programs and consulting

Superfund Sites

The firm routinely handles cases in which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or another governmental body is threatening legal action due to hazardous waste releases, environmental spills, and soil or groundwater contamination. The firm's clients benefit from its combined expertise with environmental law (including CERCLA and Superfund matters) and complex litigation.

Regulatory Enforcement

The firm often works with developers and businesses involved in projects that must be in compliance with environmental regulations, including permits and zoning issues. Lawsuits can often be avoided with proper planning and thorough due diligence. When litigation does arise, Morrison is prepared to quickly step in and provide informed and aggressive representation.

The Morrison Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri, serves clients throughout the state and nationwide.

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