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Environmental Issues

Property damage - Representing businesses and homeowners on claims for property damage from the migration of pollutants from neighboring industrial facilities.

Selected cases:

 Zimmerman v. Pit Stop Corp., 4:94CV754, U.S. D.C. E.D. Mo.

Watson v. Sinclair Oil Corp., No. 4:95CV0073, U.S. D.C. E.D. Mo.

BiState Development Agency v. Vijon Laboratories, Inc., 4:94CV1931, U.S. D.C. E.D. Mo.

Fitness Network, Inc. v. Hill, No. 01CC-00001759, Circuit Court of the County of St. Louis

Water pollution - Counseling businesses, local governments, neighborhood associations, and individuals to address water pollution.

Regulatory enforcement - Defending business interests on claims brought by governmental entities for monetary penalties and damages.

Land use - Representing businesses and individuals who seek to develop and use their property in a responsible manner.


Superfund - Helping businesses minimize their exposure for the cleanup of contamination at CERCLA or Superfund sites.

Selected cases:

Wastex Research Site, St. Clair County, IL

Zellwood Groundwater Contamination Superfund Site, Orange County, FL

United Steel Drum Site, St. Clair County, IL

Des Moines Barrel and Drum Site, Des Moines, IA

Sauget Areas 1 and 2, Sauget/Cahokia, IL

RRG/Clayton Chemical Site, Sauget, IL

LWD Incinerator Site, Calvert City, KY

Real estate transactions - Working with businesses to help them identify, minimize, and allocate environmental risk associated with the purchase, sale, and lease of contaminated property.

Property development

Purchase and sale of contaminated properties

Environmental compliance programs and consulting - Assisting businesses, developers, and municipal corporations in their efforts to comply with environmental laws and requirements. Assistance often consists of environmental compliance counseling, environmental diligence, and environmental audits.